Will you take any money from my payment card when I collect my hire car?

At the start of your rental, we will ask your card issuer to hold a sum of money for us. This is a temporary hold against the funds you have available on that card. We do not charge your card and no money is taken from your account. Your card issuer will usually present this authorisation hold as a pending transaction that reduces the money you have available to spend. Further detail of this authorisation hold (also referred to as a pre-authorisation) is set out in the Location Specific Terms and Conditions for the country in which you are renting.

In summary, the authorisation hold will be for the estimated cost of your rental less any amount that you have paid in advance, plus 100$ converted to Danish Krone (for rentals in Denmark). When you complete your rental and return the vehicle, we will charge your card and the authorisation hold will be released by your card issuer. Depending on your card issuer, it can take up to 28 days before this is reflected in your account balance. As the authorisation hold has never been charged, the return of the funds will not be shown on your card statement. In case of any queries about the release of the authorisation hold, please contact your card issuer. Please note that even though the hold is not an actual charge, it will temporarily reduce the available balance on your payment card.


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