What is Select Series?

Book a Select Series vehicle  and the car you pick is the car you get.

Avis Select Series which is our well-kept collection of exceptional models that we know you will love driving in. Once you have chosen the perfect car for you, you will also drive from here in the same model with the same specifications.

Select Series cars are currently offered in Austria, France, Germany,  Sweden, Switzerland  and  Portugal. Detailed information on the exact models offered at each destination can be found on the country-specific Avis website. Just make your reservation on this page.

Check your chosen destination in the booking panel above to see which Select Series vehicles are available on your travel days. Select Series cars are clearly indicated in red boxes.

Remember to book your vehicle at least 72 hours ahead to ensure we have time to prepare your desired model. Unfortunately we can't guarantee you will get to drive the exact model you desire any sooner than this. Any refund is therefore subject to you booking at least 72 hours before your journey.