My vehicle is at the end of its service life, what do I do?

The vehicles in our fleet are only available for a certain period.

If your current hire car reaches the end of its service life at Avis, the car needs to be return to the manufacturer. You only need to attend a rental location and we will provide you another vehicle within the same category you currently have.

Our Rental Operations Team will send you an SMS with a secure website link where you can choose a convenient date/time and Avis location for the vehicle exchange.

Our team will then review your requested date/time and fleet availability for that location and in case of any changes will contact you. 

In case you would like to have further information regarding the vehicle exchange process, you can send us an email or call us during working hours (Monday-Friday 9 AM – 4 PM, CET time +01:00), please make sure including your rental agreement number or the plate number of the car in your email or have this data available before the call.

Rental Country E-mail Address Phone Number
Germany +49 6171681316
Portugal +351 910016911 / +351 910025403
Spain +34 913480186

If your rental country does not appear in the above table, please contact your rental location directly using the number on your rental agreement.