How do I extend my long-term hire?

We consider your rental a long-term hire if the rental period is at least 28 days.

In case you would like to extend further, we need to open a new rental period with a new rental agreement number.

Our Rental Operations Team will contact you via SMS before the original check in date to ask how long you wish to extend the rental. In the SMS you can find a secure website link where you can add the return date and the current total mileage reading of the hire car in order to extend the rental. (If you already have a new reservation number for the next period, you can add this information as well on the site).

Our Team will process the extension as soon as possible, however for technical reasons, only after the due date of the rental.

In case you would like to discuss your rental extension, you can send us an email or call us during working hours (Monday-Friday 9 AM – 4 PM, CET time +01:00), please make sure including your rental agreement number or the plate number of the car in your email or have this data available before the call.

Rental Country

Email address

Phone number


+33 176547829


+49 6171681316


+39 0641998780


+351 910016911 / +351 910025403


+34 913480186


+44 1344417017


In case the rental country does not appear in the list above, please contact the rental location.